For Adventure Bike, Road Bike and SUV. The unique possibility to visit Algeria the biggest country in Afrika. During the day guides will asssist you and will lead you throug an impressing desert landscape. In the evening and night you will stay in the paddock of the Tuareg Rallye. You will be part of one of the last and biggest adventures.


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Road Bike or Adventure Bike

Oran - Oran ( 13 days )

1350 €


2 Person Oran - Oran ( 13 Days)

1950 €

Additional Co Driver / Passenger

750 €

Rented offroad Car with driver

Taghit - Timimoun (8 days)
20.3.20 until 27.3.20

850 €

Detailed Timetable

Day 1  18.03.2020 Arrival Oran

Arrival by plane or Ferry. First Briefing in the Hotel. Preperation for next day.


Day 2  19.03.2020 Oran - Ain Sefra

430 km On Road. Crossing the green North. In the evening hotel at the edge of the desert. Feel the big distances inside of Algeria


Day 3  20.03.2020 Ain Sefra - Taghit

350 km. Cross the dry mountains of North Algeria you will arrive in the heart of the Algerian Desert. The night you will stay in a hotel near the camp of the Tuareg Rallye.


Day 4  21.03.2020 Taghit - Taghit

In the morning you visit the spectacular start of the Tuareg Rallye. Later a guide introduce you to the Kasba of Taghith


Day 5  22.03.2020 Taghit - Beni Abbes

150 km


Day 6  23.03.2020 Beni Abbes - Beni Abbes

210 km


Day 7  24.03.2020 Beni Abbes - Desert Camp

210 km

Camp own tent

Day 8  25.03.2020 Desert Camp

Camp own tent

Day 9  26.03.2020 Desertcamp - Timimoun

320 km


Day 10  27.03.2020 Timimoun

Winner party of Rallye


Day 11  28.03.2020 Timimoun - Gardaia

450 km


Day 12  29.03.2020 Gardaia - Oran

450 km


Day 13  30.03.2020 Oran - home

Leaving Algeria by plane


Drive on Asphalt road inside the dunes

Unbelivable but the aspahlt road will bring you on top of 200m high dunes

Visit special Spots of Algeria

An guide will show and explain you the Oasis, the old Kasbas and many other historical sights.

Inside the Tuareg Rallye

For 8 days you will be part of the Tuareg Rallye. You will visit Start, Checkpoints and you will stay in the camp of the Rallye.


How to get your bike to Algeria ?

Inside the Tuareg Rallye there are many service teams. Your bike will be transported by one of this team. List you will find here .

Truck of Serviceteam

Which Track did I drive

You drive the route of the Tuareg Adventure accompanied by a guide. This route is an asphalt track parallel to the Tuareg Rallye. This route includes the visit of tourist attractions and selected photo points with the route of the Tuareg Rallye. The route of the Tuareg Adventure is not an on or off-road route of your choice. It is also not the route of the Tuareg Rallye

On road

How to flight to Algeria

The easiest way select your flight by Google flights and book it online at the website of the company. You have two otions: Your home airport - Algiers and local flight by Air Algiers to Oran or direct flight to Oran.


How to transport Luggaged

Your luggage will be transported by the serviceteam you select. You did not need to carry it on your bike.

by Serviceteam

Included Services

- Double room in Hotel or camp as described in the timetable
- Breakfast an dinner in the hotel or camp
- Lunch on the track including whater and non alcoholic drinks
- Guide which brings you to the local highlights
- Renting fee of GPS Tracker (deposit of 150 Euro have to be paid on arrival)

- Third part road insurance for your bike
- Petrol for your bike at the petrolstation on the track

Accommodation / Meals / Guide

Non included services

- Flight or ferry to Oran
- Deposit for GPS Tracker (150 Euro)
- Transport of bike or luggaged. This will be done by your service team you select

Flights / Transport